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Recent Market Events

Today we are talking about market volatility & recent market events. 

Hot Topic: Real Estate

Today's podcast is all about the current real estate market, specifically in NW Arkansas.

Moms & Money

Today's podcast is for all the moms. We have Kelly Stamps from Kelly's Korner Blog as our guest as we discuss ways moms can financially plan for the future.

College Planning

Today's podcast is for parents of future bound college students and the importance of money management.  

Current Events

We are reviewing a variety of current topics and events on the podcast today.

Key Steps To Take If You’ve Been Displaced.

We understand that there is a lot of concern about “what’s going to happen next”, so we go over what you should do, if this has happened to you.

Financial Legal Matters

Today we have a legal expert - Lisa Kelley Gibbs -  as a guest. She discusses wills, trusts, contracts & mediation with us. 

Tax Deferred Contributions

Today we discuss 401(k)’s, 403(b)’s, as well as 457 plans & if they still make sense.

Options - Puts, Calls & Everything In Between

Today we have a guest on our podcast from Zega Financial - Jay Pestrichelli. We discuss options - what are they and how they are used?

Social Security

Today we answer the most frequently asked questions that we get asked regarding Social Security, and share our opinions.

Roth IRA’s & Roth 401(k)’s

Today we are going to discuss the pros and cons of Roth IRA's & Roth 401(k)'s. 

What Do You Do With a Lump Sum Of Money?

Today we are discussing what to do if you come across a lump sum of money. Whether you've just won the lottery, gained some inheritance, sold a property or received a pension - we get this question a lot so we thought we'd discuss it. 

Current Events

Today we are discussing current events. What is going on in the world today & what does that mean moving forward from an investment standpoint?

Using Artificial Intelligence To Invest

Today we have a friend of ours, Wayne Ferbert from Alpha DNA, on the show explaining investing while using artificial intelligence. 

Asset Allocation

Last week we talked about Modern Portfolio Theory and it touched on 'asset allocation'. Today we are going to dive in a bit more & define what 'asset allocation' is, as well as give some examples. 

Investing During Times of Uncertainty

Today we talk about the traditional solution for investing - the 'Modern Portfolio Theory'. We discuss what ‘Modern Portfolio Theory’ is & if it's still relevant today. 

Financial Planning

What does 'financial planning' mean & should you have a financial plan? We discuss how important it is to have a plan, prior to investing, and how we can help. 

A New Beginning

Today we are talking about changes to our podcast format and what to expect moving forward. 

Fool’s Gold

Some people are clinging to certain ideas that give them a sense of false hope about their retirement. Let's see if there might be faulty thinking that makes us classify these thoughts as “fool’s gold”

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Traditional Versus Roth IRAs

Which one is better for me? What are the pros and cons? Should I do a conversion? We spend a few minutes this week on the great debate of Traditional versus Roth IRAs.

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