Any advisor worth his or her salt is going to have a conversation with you about risk. But what in the world is “risk tolerance”? It’s a buzzword that gets used a lot in meetings with financial advisors, but we’ve found that a lot of people don’t have a great understanding of how their risk tolerance truly impacts their financial and retirement plans. Let’s fix that and give you the 411 on risk tolerance.

What are your options for continuing to save for retirement if you've maxed out your 401(k) contributions? Kyle will give you some helpful tips on this week's mailbag episode.

Kyle tackles a listener question about the pros and cons of paying off the house versus continuing to get a tax deduction.

It’s great that people are living longer and longer, but how can you be sure that your retirement plan is built to last as long as you do? Matt discusses the financial impact of a longer life expectancy.

Matt answers listener questions about holding onto an old life insurance policy, securing your investments in your final working years, and more.

Not everything in financial planning is black and white. In fact, most things aren’t black and white—there’s usually a lot of gray area. Let’s identify some of the issues that usually require a nuanced discussion…

January 31, 2019

Episode #112: In The News

David examines recent financial headlines on fiscal responsibility, IRA contribution limits, and a Forbes article on the world's richest one percent.

Bailey writes in with a question on whether to protect her money or get more growth from the stock market. Kyle weighs in with his expertise.

We had a listener to write in saying his wife's health had forced her into an early retirement. Kyle helps us to understand how to prepare when an unexpected retirement arises.

Seattle implemented a “soda tax” at the beginning of the year and so far it’s brought in $10 million in revenue. Kyle shares his thoughts on how that might affect people's buying habits and even your own financial life.

Most people think that a financial advisor’s primary job is picking investments. That’s only a small part of it. The reality is that the primary job is solving problems. Let’s look at some situations that have happened over the years where the financial planning became less about picking investments and more about solving problems.

To close out the year, we're bringing back some of our favorite episodes from 2018!

We'll take your listener questions on how to invest an inheritance and what to do if your money isn't earning interest.

To close out the year, we're bringing back some of our favorite episodes from 2018!

If you only knew… As financial professionals, there are things that we wish everyone knew and understood. On this podcast, with David Lee of Mach 1 Financial Group, we’ll explore how a financial advisor’s job would be different, and easier, if everybody understood at least four things.

To close out the year, we're bringing back some of our favorite episodes from 2018!

Are you lined up for a big bonus from work this year? Have you thought about what you'll do with that bonus? If you're thinking about purchasing a car or another material item, you might want to think about it some more. On this week's podcast, Kyle Alexander takes us through a fantastic illustration of what would happen if you spent that bonus on, for example, a Miata. And then we'll look at what would happen if you utilized those dollars a little differently. The results might surprise you. 


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We often talk on the podcasts about what it’s like to become a client. But what about after a month? A year? Let’s talk about what the short and long-term relationships should look like between an investor and a financial advisor.

Creating a customized retirement plan for any individual can mean addressing some unique challenges. With each of these scenarios, let’s discuss the challenges presented, as well as the solutions you might come up with…

We'll open up the mailbag this week to answer your questions about small business taxes, working with fee-only advisors & seeing if you're financial plan is too short-sighted.

We often have a lot of unrealistic expectations about retirement. And there’s nothing wrong with that if we reel ourselves back toward reality before making major decisions. Let’s talk about some of the ways our retirement expectations get out of whack and what more realistic scenarios should look like.

Some great questions this week about things to think about if you're looking to retire in your 50s instead of your 60s, how much to plan to pay in nursing home care, and what David Lee thinks about using insurance as an investment.

Join us as we feature your questions on short-term investing, self-directed IRAs, and rental properties.

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