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Ep 72: Wild Wild West

In today's episode, Matt, David, and Mike dive into the world of cryptocurrency and discuss how it may affect the US economy in years to come. 


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Ep 71: World Reserve Currency

On today's episode of the Mach 1 Market Moment, Matt and David sit down to discuss the U.S. Dollar as the World Reserve Currency and what this may mean in the future. 

Ep 70: The Federal Reserve and Bonds

On today's episode of the Mach 1 Market Moment, Matt, Mike, and David sit down to discuss the Federal Reserve and its use of bonds. If you'd like to know more about how bonds work within the Federal Reserve, tune in to this week's episode! 


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Ep 69: How AI is Changing the Game with Wayne Ferbert

On today's episode of the Mach 1 Market Moment, David, Matt, and Mike are joined by Wayne Ferbert of Alpha DNA to discuss artificial intelligence and its impacts on our world today! 

Ep 68: What Does the Bible Say About Money?

Today on the Mach 1 Market Moment, Matt, Mike, and David sit down to discuss what the Bible has to say about money and how it should be used. 

Ep 67: COVID-19‘s Impact on the Travel Industry

In this episode, Matt and David sit down with Drenda Roberts from Bentley Travel Design to discuss what travel looks like our world today. If you are interested in travel and how it has been impacted by COVID-19, listen to today's episode for tips, tricks, and advice from a travel expert! 



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Ep 66: Robo Advisors

Today on the Mach 1 Market Moment Mike and David will be talking about Robo Advisors - what they are, when to use them, and when to stay away. 

Ep 65: Roth Conversions

Today on the podcast Mike and Matt discuss Roth IRA conversions. 

Ep 64: Long Term Care & How to Plan For It

Today on the podcast Mike, Matt, and David discuss long term care and how to plan for it. 

Ep 63: Social Security

This week Mike, Matt, and David sit down to discuss all things social security. 

Ep 62: Hedging, Market Changes, & Concentrated Stock Risk with David Lee and Jay Pestrichelli

Today on the podcast David is joined by Jay Pestrichelli, Co-Founder and CEO of ZEGA Financial. In this episode, we discuss the importance of hedging your investment portfolio, how the market is changing, and how to address concentrated stock risk. 

Ep 61: Pros and Cons of a 401(k) Rollover

Today Matt, Mike, and David discuss the pros and cons of rolling over your 401(k). 

Ep 60: Phishing (not Fishing)

Today on the Mach 1 Market moment Mike and David discuss the dangers of phishing. 

Report a phishing email here:

Report a phishing text here: 7726

Report also to the Federal Trade Commission here: 

If you believe your information has been compromised, go to 

Ep 59: Faith and Finance with Dr. Nick Floyd

We are excited to welcome Dr. Nick Floyd to the podcast this week! Nick is the Senior Pastor of Cross Church Northwest Arkansas. Today we dive into how our faith and our finances are connected, and we learn more about how to be good stewards of all that God has given us. 

Ep 58: Communism, Capitalism, and Societies In-Between with David Chapman

Today on the Mach 1 Market Moment we are joined by local history teacher David Chapman. We discuss the history of money and the types of societies that deal with money such as communism, fascism, capitalism, and more! 

Ep 57: Generosity, Grandkids, & Getting Out of Debt with Mike Frost

Today's episode is part 3 of our Meet the Advisors series! Today we sit down with our VP and Financial Advisor Mike Frost to discuss generosity, grandkids, and getting out of debt. 

Ep. 56: Sports, Stewardship, & Staying Humble with Matt Walters

This is part 2 of our Meet the Advisors series. In today's episode we sit down with our Senior VP and Financial Advisor Matt Walters. We discuss his experience as a collegiate athlete, how his background has impacted his approach to finances, and some sound advice from his dad. 

Ep 55: From Flying to Finance with David Lee

Today on the podcast our Founder & CEO David Lee is flying solo! We talk all things flying, finance, family, and more on this episode of the Mach 1 Market Moment. 

Current Events: Interest Rates, Child Tax Credits, & Cryptocurrency

Today David and Matt will be discussing current events regarding interest rates, child tax credits, cryptocurrency, and more! 

Alternative Investment Options

Today we will be discussing alternative investment options including real estate investment trusts. 

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